Five-Year Film Comes to Fruition: Isaac Rowe’s “Man in Me: The Documentary” Wins “Best Documentary Feature Film”

What does it mean to be a man in today’s society? Bestselling author and motivational speaker Isaac Rowe tries to arrive at this question’s answer by speaking to a group of men with drastically different experiences. He does this through “Man in Me: The Documentary,” which won “Best Documentary Feature Film” for the Capital City Black Film Festival 2020.

CCBFF: Can you talk about the moment that inspired you to make this film?  

Isaac: “I was inspired was when I witnessed the inner pain in a friend’s child when he realized his father was not going to be present in his life. This was very concerning to me and I had to discover why.” 

Man in Me: The Documentary poster

CCBFF: You were kind of lucky since you had pretty much wrapped shooting before the COVID-19 pandemic started. Do you think it would have been harder to film your project now as opposed to before the pandemic? 

Isaac: “It was definitely difficult filming over the five-year period. I almost gave up because I didn’t have the resources or budget to lift this project off the ground. I’m glad I filmed pre-pandemic because many of my subjects wouldn’t have been as transparent over a Zoom call. The film captures beautiful interactions between fathers and their children in public spaces, some of which are now closed.” 

CCBFF: Did making this film help you learn any important lessons along the way?  

Issac: “This film definitely helped me grow personally. Everything that my subjects went through, I also went through first for my growth and healing. As a filmmaker, it taught me that I have a voice and so much creativity. I feel I’ve tapped into a limitless flow of creativity, self-worth, confidence and humility.” 

CCBFF: If you could have the viewers of your film walk away with one key message, what would it be and why? 

Isaac: “I’d say ‘Make the call.’ What I mean by that is, no matter the situation, whether you haven’t been involved in your children’s life or want to build a better relationship with them, love is an action, so show them by making the call. The time is now!”  

CCBFF: What’s in your film future?  

Isaac: “I’m currently working on a part two from the first film focusing on women, their stories and the impact of a father. I also have been inspired to write a few short films. We’ll see what takes root first.” 

CCBFF: How can people stay in touch with you online? 

Isaac: “People can follow me on the following social media platforms: FacebookInstagram and Twitter, and visit my website, too.