“Enjoy Expressing Yourself”: Benjamin Redic II’s Advice During our One-on-One

Music is a unique genre that gives rise to creativity, even during a pandemic. Even though this year’s Capital City Black Film Festival (CCBFF) took place virtually, organizers and attendees found themselves getting their groove, thanks to all of the amazing “Music Video” category submissions. Benjamin Redic II’s Rompers took home top prize for “Best Music Video” with its infectious beat, simple yet memorable lyrics, and captivating imagery. 

Born out of a series of ‘What if’ conversations with friends, Rompers puts its namesake clothing item in outlandish situations. Lyrics were also penned by Redic.  

We spoke with him firsthand to learn about his award-winning video’s evolution from an inside joke to full-on production.

Benjamin Redic on the set of Rompers

CCBFF: Can you talk about the moment that inspired you to make this video?  

Benjamin: “There was a joke I made about wearing a romper and [my] friends had a number of suggestions. They thought I was joking when I said I should make a video out of their suggestions. Obviously they were mistaken.”    

CCBFF: Can you speak about the issues you faced shooting during COVID-19? If you filmed before the pandemic, how much harder do you think it would be to get your project done now as opposed to then? 

Benjamin: “During [the pandemic], this would not have posed much of a problem for us minus the club scene. We are used to shooting with a compressed crew.”  

CCBFF: Did making this film help you learn any important lessons along the way? It could be about yourself as a filmmaker, the filmmaking process, or about current events.  

Benjamin: “The biggest lesson I learned was from this festival. Winning [had] a big impact on my friends and family. I often forget how my own actions can have an [effect] on those who support me. You often feel as if you are going [at] it alone. But you are never really alone.” 

CCBFF: If you could your audience walk away with one important message, what would it be and why? 

Benjamin: “Style and fashion are forms of self-expression.  Enjoy expressing yourself because you are going to make a statement, whether you look to or not.”   

CCBFF: What’s in your film future? Are there any projects you’re working on, imagining, etc.? 

Benjamin: “We are currently working on a fantasy project and a historical fiction centered around slaves and native Americans.”   

CCBFF: How can people keep up with you online?

Benjamin: “People can follow me on Facebook and Instagram, and visit my website.”

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