Creative Corner: Before the Border

Options. So many options.

It’s the blessing and the curse of the film festival – so many films to choose from. No mere mortal can be at multiple screens at once, and as it stands, you still don’t know which ones are right for you.

For a normal outing to the movies, we often learn everything we need to know through marketing blitzes and Google searches. With film festival screenings, though, how is anyone supposed to learn about each movie without any coverage?

Frankly, you could probably go into any screening at CCBFF 2015 blind and have a good time. That said, it’s still important to share the stories and story makers behind them. For each art piece, there’s an artist that can provide context for their work.

So let’s have a look at the artists responsible for the films you’ll be seeing at CCBFF 2015 through our coverage called Creative Corner. Today, we’re starting with Tom Fox Davies and his film Before the Border, screening Saturday, August 15th at the Brass House Jazz Club.

Tom Fox Davies is a British actor, musician, and filmmaker who now resides and works out of Los Angeles. A former member of Britain’s National Youth Music Theatre, Tom received extensive theatre training before moving on into the world of film with a series of small supporting roles in independent features, shorts, and commercials in the UK and the US.

It was at this same time that Tom began establishing himself as a lyrically led singer songwriter which set him on the path of concise story telling. It was this combined platform of music, performance, and storytelling that led to his most ambitious undertaking to date in the form of Before the Border.

Tom continues to write and perform as a singer songwriter while carving out a name for himself as a versatile filmmaker that can be dispatched both in front and behind the camera.

You can find Tom on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, and IMBD. Stay tuned for the next filmmaker in the spotlight.