Creative Corner: Aslem

Ah yes, options.

The blessing and the curse of a festival – so many films to choose from. No mere mortal can be at multiple screens at once, and as it stands, you still don’t know which ones are right for you.

For a normal outing to the movies, we often learn everything we need to know through marketing blitzes and Google searches. With film festival screenings, though, how is anyone supposed to learn about each movie without any coverage?

Here at CCBFF, we want you to have a look at the artists responsible for the films you’ll be seeing at CCBFF 2015 through our coverage called Creative Corner. Next up, we have Pasquale Renza and his film Aslem, screening Friday, August 14 at the Palmer Events Center.

Pasquale Renza, teacher of cinema and television language, is a filmmaker and producer. Since 1985 he has been involved in teaching cinema in the school. He founded the IDICOM (Didactic Institute of Multimedial Comunication) in 1996 and he is the director of the “Nanni Loy” school of television for teachers since 1999.

He works with Federico II University of Naples and with the RAI (radio televisione italiana). In cooperation with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he provided for the formation of teachers in the cinematographic field in Belgium. He has been working with more than 1000 students at more than a 100 films. Most of his works have received a lot of awards.

You can learn more about Pasquale Renza’s work on Facebook, YouTube, and IMDB. Stay tuned for more filmmaker stories!