Creative Corner: An Anthology of Us

Here at CCBFF, we want you to have a look at the artists responsible for the films you’ll be seeing at CCBFF 2015 through our coverage here at Creative Corner. Next up we have Da’Shade Moonbeam and his film An Anthology of Us will be screening Saturday, August 15 at the Palmer Events Center.

Jeffery Da’Shade Johnson is an action filmmaker from Austin, TX. Known to many as Da’Shade Moonbeam, Jeff Johnson began his journey as a filmmaker in 1994 at Reagan High School. He wears many artistic hats and as a filmmaker he seeks to change the negative images of black people as well as poor people through visual media.

“We can’t wait on someone else to tell the stories that are valid to us; we have to do it ourselves.”

Jeff is an actor, poet, martial artist, filmmaker, and fight/action choreographer. He seeks to change the narrative of his people, and believes that cinema is a weapon that in the correct hands, can balance or tip the scale in the wielder’s favor.

You can learn more about Da’Shade on Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and Wikipedia. Stay tuned for more filmmaker stories from CCBFF.