CCBFF Spotlight: Eric Ayala

The beginning of 2010 seemed average enough. Eric Ayala was facilitating a writer’s conference in Atlanta, Georgia. One of the attendees was an educator who was impressed enough by his preparation and instruction that she asked him to write and direct the Black History month production for the student body of the Academy where she taught. Ayala’s stage play Strange Fruit led to a meeting with Dr. William Sheals, who had a role in the piece. Dr. Sheals later signed Ayala to pen the screenplay for the movie Sunday Morning Rapture.

Sunday Morning Rapture premiered at the iconic Fox Theatre in Atlanta in the latter part or 2011. In 2013 the film won the Best Feature award at the inaugural Capital City Black Film Festival in Austin, Texas where Ayala was introduced to the festival’s dynamic CEO-Winston G. Williams.

The win at CCBFF cemented the next chapter in Ayala’s career and he went on to pen the award winning screen play “…if I should die before I wake,” which was adapted from one of the twelve books he’s authored. The film version of “…if I should die before I wake” won 3rd place at the 2018 CCBFF.

To date Ayala has amassed an extremely impressive total of 28 Indie Film awards and honors for his work. Sunday Morning Rapture was released both Nationally and Internationally and can now be seen on Amazon Prime, Hulu, and a variety of other streaming services. The success of that project led Dr. Sheals to contract Ayala to pen the screen play Cancer. which is due for release in 2020.

Ayala has been described as a modern day renaissance man by those who are familiar with the breadth of his work. As a filmmaker, a novelist, and writer and director for the stage, he rejects the notion of being “pigeon holed” into a single art form.

Since the CCBFF in 2013, Ayala’s relationship with the Festival and its Executive Director, Winston G. Williams, has continued and grown. The Festival has also allowed for a myriad of other opportunities for Ayala within the film industry.

If you have an interest in meeting Eric Ayala, hiring him or discussing Project Development you can contact his representatives Cynthia Stillwell or Philip Spartis. You can also check out Ayala’s work on his website.