Alumni Highlights: Alone at Midnight and Black Love

As we approach CCBFF 2015 (get your tickets now!) it’s important to remember those who came before and have made our festival such a huge success. We’re wholly dedicated to celebrating the talent, vision, and hard work of independent filmmakers of color across the globe. While an annual event centering around this goal brings us great joy, we also know that it is important to call attention to these creative minds long after the festival is over and appreciate their work.

Today in our Alumni Highlights segment, we have Max Cole, director of Alone at Midnight and Black Love which both screened at CCBFF 2014.

Your Name: Max Cole

Films Screened at CCBFF: Alone at Midnight and Black Love

Year Screened: 2014

Your Role in Making the Film: Director, Producer, Writer

How did being a part of CCBFF impact you and your film? 

It provided an opportunity to screen and discuss both films. CCBFF also provided exposure. We feel very fortunate to have had an opportunity to participate.

What has/is happening with your film since (or before) being a part of CCBFF?

We have screened at several festivals and have won an award.

Tell us a little about your latest project. Title, summary, etc.

The Code & Silenced are my latest short films. I hope to complete them and submit them for the 2015 CCBFF.

Gallery slideGallery slide

What was your inspiration for this project in particular?

I have a strong desire to share both stories with the world. Hopefully, they will resonate with audiences.

What would you say is your greatest resource during the early phases of your creative process?

A notepad and laptop computer. It’s important to write down every idea that you have during the early phases of the creative process.

The film festival is a longstanding tradition in the industry – for better or worse. Based on your experience, what is the greatest strength and weakness of the current film festival model?

Strengths: Bringing filmmakers together and providing a platform to showcase their work. 

Weakness: Cost of travel for attendance. Limited award distribution. Festivals need to add more awards, especially in the short film category!

In this Internet Age, the filmmaker has many options for bringing an idea to market – Youtube, Vimeo, Kickstarter…In your opinion, what’s missing in the current landscape for an independent filmmaker to reach their own sense of success?

More distribution outlets. Increased exposure on a national level via publications for all films selected for the festival.

Favorite director/producer/actor?

Naming one or two would be an injustice to all of the talented individuals that work in cinema

How can people learn more about you?



Twitter: @maxcolefilms




Stay tuned for more stories from our filmmakers! Be sure to join us for opening night August 13th where you can meet some of these creatives and learn about their creative process firsthand!