A Faith Walk: M. Legend Brown Reflects on CCBFF

Steps of Faith was not just the title of the feature film M. Legend Brown submitted to the 2014 Capital City Black Film Festival.

It perfectly describes everything that led up to him actually finding himself at that place. Although his first feature had received numerous accolades, Brown simply didn’t expect the film that was shot in freezing weather under the tightest of deadlines to receive the recognition he knew  it deserved. “I didn’t think it had a shot.”

Steps of Faith was truly a blessed endeavor.

Neither did his Los Angeles-based cast who were leery of how well the final product would turn out under such challenging film conditions. But it did. When he heard the title of the play announced as the winner in the Best Feature category, Brown was shocked. His ultra-calm demeanor as he accepted the prize was mistaken by some as a sign that he fully expected the award, when the exact opposite was true. “I was in shock. Steps of Faith was truly a blessed endeavor.”

After the 2014 festival, “Steps” was submitted to a number of other festivals and earned a variety of awards, including Best Actress, Best Ensemble and Best Cinematography. It even received the coveted Oscar Michaeux Award at the Bare Bones Film Festival.  The film got distribution in 2015 and is now available on a number of online streaming platforms, including YouTube, Vudu, Tubi, Roku and Peerflix.

Brown says that his participation at the 2014 CCBFF was pivotal for his career in a number of ways. Winston Williams, co-founder and Executive Director, created an atmosphere that opened doors he didn’t even know were there. “It was my coming out party of sorts.” It was at that festival that he met actor/ producer Julius Tennon and other filmmakers.

Moreover, a representative from Mutual Interest of Austin, a black investment group, was in the screening audience, and reached out to Brown. The group ended up being his first investor. As Brown contemplates coming out of an artistic sabbatical, he is grateful that his status as a reputable filmmaker was solidified at the Capital City Black Film Festival.

Brown’s other faith-based films include Hiding in Plain Sight and The Golden Voices and are available to stream  online.