In The Spotlight: A Tweet From Heaven

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These spotlights will vary in length, depending on the information provided from behind the scenes. If we come across more relevant information, we will update these posts accordingly.

Here at CCBFF, we’re passionate about films and the inspirational minds behind them.  As declared in our mission statement, one of our many goals is to  support and exhibit visual creations which portray the African American experience and the history of African lineage around the world. With this vision in mind – and the support of some wonderful sponsors – we have brought this festival to fruition, and we are excited to share our filmmakers’ stories with you!

We continue our Spotlight segment with A Tweet From Heaven, playing September 27th. For tickets,  visit our purchasing page  for the first screening at the Stateside Theatre at the Paramount.

About the Director

As a 30-year veteran of
software development and system analyst, I have broad experience managing and
developing large e-commerce and financial products.  I have a keen eye for details and the creative insight that
has produced many lucrative products and services.

As a writer, I have written and
directed a number of Christian plays and dramatizations.  The most notable are ‘A Christmas to
Remember © 1994’, the ‘Eternal Life Insurance Co. © 1994’, ‘The Atonement’ ©
2001, ‘Sugarfoot’ © 2005, Don’t Go There (2009), ‘A Tweet from Heaven (2010)
and many others.

My long-term goal is to focus my creative
energy, talent, and life’s experience, into producing top-shelf quality films
that appeal to the broader audience with its high entertainment value while
promoting Christian values and biblical themes.  Hence, Basileia (Kingdom; in Greek) Pictures is the vehicle
I have to accomplish this.

Director Sam Goodson

For more information on the film, you can visit our catalogue of inaugural film entries for details. You can also find more information on the official movie website at

So what do you think? Looking forward to this faith-based story?