In The Spotlight: Welcome To The South

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These spotlights will vary in length, depending on the information provided from behind the scenes. If we come across more relevant information, we will update these posts accordingly.

Here at CCBFF, we’re passionate about films and the inspirational minds behind them.  As declared in our mission statement, one of our many goals is to  support and exhibit visual creations which portray the African American experience and the history of African lineage around the world. With this vision in mind – and the support of some wonderful sponsors – we have brought this festival to fruition, and we are excited to share our filmmakers’ stories with you!

We continue our Spotlight segment with Welcome To The South, playing Saturday September 28th. For tickets, visit our purchasing page for the second screening at the Stateside Theatre at the Paramount.

About The Filmmaker

Charles Box, Jr. was raised in a small city outside of Tampa called Plant City. After high school he enlisted in the Marine Corp and went on to obtain a bachelor’s degree from Cal State University, San Bernardino, which gave him a great foundation for the entertainment industry. Upon graduating he obtained a Masters of Fine Arts in Television and Film from Chapman University. At the high-point of his life both personally and professionally, a health scare from his father prompted Charles to move back home to be closer to his father. At that point it was unclear how he would find his place in the industry being so far removed from the big city of Los Angeles. After being a professor for two years and working an array of productions, he eventually found his way to be resourceful and not only produce, but write and direct his first of hopefully many films, entitled “Welcome To The South”. Stay tuned for more to come!


For more information on the film, you can visit our catalogue of inaugural film entries for details. You can also find more details on the filmmaker’s Facebook Page.

What did you guys think of that trailer? Pretty intense! Be sure to see it this coming Saturday!