Community Post – It Takes A Village…

Good evening, CCBFF fans!

This is our second blog post ever (yay!) and we have two things we would like to discuss…

First things first: Urban Music Festival x Capital City Black Film Festival



We are proud to announce that Capital City Black Film Festival is joining forces with Austin Urban Music Festival!  This might seem like an unusual collaboration to some (different entertainment mediums and all) but for those in the know, in 2015, CCBFF will be working with the UMF team to create the Austin Urban Digital & Film Festival!  We are very excited to be teaming up with the guys behind Urban Music Fest, and for those who have attended their spring event, it’s truly a hallmark of live music and entertainment in the heart of downtown Austin. We look forward to continued collaboration, and make sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter!


In less than a week, we passed $1700 with practically no promotion! We appreciate our early backers, and we thank you for your support in our project!  For those who may have missed last week’s post, we are inviting the black film community to engage with the festival in creative ways, including helping us crowdfund portions of the festival that require the most upfront capital. We are using Kickstarter  as our platform for getting this done, and we need your help!

You can visit our Kickstarter page by clicking here.

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Are you excited for the possibilities of the CCBFF-UMF collaboration? Have you checked out the Kickstarter yet? What can we do to earn your trust and gain your support? Let us know in the comments!