The Productive Lie

Directed by Mike Ray

Produced by Maria Howell


Mike Ray

Tony Vaughn

Donna Biscoe

Rodney Perry

Tammy Mcgarity

Nadej Bailey

Deeta West


Chris Parks, a mechanic by day, internet Radio personality by night, and father 24/7, has to contend with his crazy ex-wife, and alluring girlfriend, and his obsessed childhood best friend/girlfriend wannabe. Chris is abstaining from dating, as he can't seem to get it right. However he drops his guard and goes full throttle into a relationship with Morgan. His vulture like ex-wife Latisha, only wants money, in the name of alimony. Brittany the friend\girlfriend wannabe, will do anything to block any hint of love that Chris shows to anyone but her. Chris battles, side steps and pursues the three women, trying to keep his wits long enough to turn 1 million internet listeners into a syndicated radio deal.


1h 44m 5s