Conflict of Interest

Directed by Tommy Ford

Written by Susan - Sojourna Collier

Produced by Carolyn  Alexander


Jazsmin Lewis

Tommy Ford

Dorien Wilson

Bria  Murphy

Carl Payne

Miguel Nunez

Karen Malina White

Mark Christopher Lawrence

Rodney Perry

Jasimine Brown

Viviane Brazil

Ary Katz


This thrilling story about love, betrayal and forgiveness, centers on Gabriel Winters, a successful no nonsense Deputy District Attorney, with an adoring and equally as successful husband (Jordan) and beautiful college age daughter (Asia). One day a case lands on her desk that threatens to expose a secret she has kept hidden for years. Could Donte, the alleged graffiti artist she is now prosecuting, be the SECRET that has haunted her for years? In her quest to find out the truth about Donte and yet maintain her secret, Gabriel begins breaking all the rules and her life is spiraling out of control.


1h 55m