The Portrait of an Artist: When the Lights Turn Off

Directed by Tiannah Bruce


Nahum Grymes


The short documentary film opens with an introduction from J. Holiday, an R&B recording artist, explaining who he is, what music means to him, and why he sings. The film, decorated with live performances and street interviews, explores the factors responsible for J. Holiday's stagnant career, while It also researches the team which surrounds the artist. The filmmaker documents his current whereabouts and J. Holidays account of his musical disappearance in 2010. By the filmmaker's attempts in shadowing J. Holiday, domestically and internationally, as he attempts to regain his fans, the story unfolds as to why he 'fell-off' and what he currently faces in the struggle to stay relevant in a constantly changing music business. (WORK IN PROGRESS: SOUND IS BEING MIXED AND FILM IS BEING FINE-TUNED)


23m 19s