Clipped Wings They Do Fly

Directed and Written by William Michael Barbee

Produced by Usman Sharif


JD Williams

Bill Cobbs

Usman Sharif

Bill Duke

Frankie Faison

Chico DeBarge

Jennifer Bergum

Bisa Dawes


This physiological thriller is based on a cocky State Prosecutor Toby Johnson (JD Williams) who`s challenged by his conscious to prosecute a case against Billy Ray Michaels (Usman Sharif) who is diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder. Billy Ray finds himself on trial for a crime in which he doesn't remember committing. While District Attorney Adam Stevenson (Bill Duke) has to manage the overly confident Toby, he`s also pressured by a zealous Mayor Goode (Frankie Faison) to win the case. Toby reluctantly seeks advice from his father, retired Judge Johnson (Bill Cobbs). Billy Ray`s Psychotherapist Dr. Neiderbach (Jen Bergum), struggles to keep hidden her past with her client.  This film brings awareness to people with Mental Illness.


1h 30m