In The Spotlight: This Woman's Work

Good evening all,

These spotlights will vary in length, depending on the information provided from behind the scenes. If we come across more relevant information, we will update these posts accordingly.

Here at CCBFF, we're passionate about films and the inspirational minds behind them.  As declared in our mission statement, one of our many goals is to  support and exhibit visual creations which portray the African American experience and the history of African lineage around the world. With this vision in mind - and the support of some wonderful sponsors - we have brought this festival to fruition, and we are excited to share our filmmakers' stories with you!

We continue our Spotlight segment with This Woman's Work, playing September 27th. For tickets,  visit our purchasing page  for the first screening at the Omni Hotel in Ballroom B.

About The Filmmaker

Brandi Berry is a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  Just this year she received her MFA in film with the goal of becoming a college professor.  While filming This Woman’s Work in Hawaii her Alma Mater Fayetteville State University called for an interview.  Months later she was hired and is currently an Assistant Professor teaching Film Production and Appreciation.  Brandi is thrilled about bringing her passion for film and experience back to her community. 

She is also in preproduction for her next documentary.  Her newest project began at UNCG but will wrap with the help of her FSU students.  It will be an exploration into her slave heritage and the unresolved conflict that comes from being so close to her past.  The pride she feels for her ancestors is intertwined with the sadness of what they suffered.  She hopes this introspective look will help inspire younger generations to work harder at attaining their goals.  If not for themselves but for those who bled so we could have the opportunities they did not.



If you would like to learn more about this film, you can visit our catalogue of inaugural film entries for details. We hope you will join us for the Friday screening!