Six Square—Austin’s African American Cultural Heritage District—joined forces with the Capital City Black Film Festival (CCBFF) and the Austin History Center to produce a four-part mini documentary series about Austin’s Eastside. The series was developed, written and directed by CCBFF’s creative director K. Anoa Monsho, and features Austin actor Zell Miller, Six Square’s visionary founder Lisa Byrd, and filmmaker Matt Gossage, along with music by R.A.S. and N.O.O.K.


Part 1. Six Square Soul – This three-minute overview of the Heritage District sets the tone for the series. In fast-paced style, in rhythm and rhyme, Six Square Soul examines the District’s reason for being and pays homage to Austin’s African American culture.


Part 2. Victory Blues – Digging way back into Austin’s music archives, Victory Blues celebrates the music and mystery of the Victory Grill, a club and restaurant firmly rooted in Austin’s famed music scene.


Part 3. Old Anderson Original – L.C. Anderson High School was originally East Austin’s segregated high school. A revered part of Austin’s rich cultural history, Old Anderson’s famed drumline still echoes today.


Part 4. Rosewood on the Eastside – The Rosewood Courts housing development is known as the first housing development in the nation built for African Americans. It occupies sacred ground, five acres of land that freed Blacks bought in 1905 to celebrate Emancipation. The land represents the importance of family and community aligned with economic self-determination and empowerment.