Confused by Love – FEATURE

Ferguson, an up and coming author and his wife, Tiffany, a well known “shock jock”, and after-hours socialite in the city, are a married couple, who are falling on hard times in their marriage and finances. All hope seems lost until Reggie Maxwell; Ferguson’s financially successful college friend appears out of nowhere; along his girlfriend, Joline “Jo-Jo” Thompson, who is also Ferguson’s “eccentric” & gorgeous ex-girlfriend. To save their home from being foreclosed, Ferguson and Tiffany both make a deal to have Reggie and Jo-Jo stay with them to help pay their mortgage back payments off in five days. Hidden skeletons and secret truths all become revealed, as these couple’s lives suddenly intersect at different crossroads, and the decisions they both make will affect them, and everyone around them, both personally, and financially as well.

Directed and Written by

Crosby Tatum

Produced by

Crosby Tatum, Christopher Nolen, Carl Davis, Opal Thompson


Keith Mascoll, Jamie Perez, Simba Dibinga, Jordan Lloyd, Kelly Karavites, Donmishette Ross